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1970 GS Stage 1 $39,995

1970 GS Stage 1, originally a south Georgia car, never rusted, always garage-kept, diplomat blue, blue bucket interior, beautiful recent frame-off restoration. Non original motor too is fresh and very strong. Does have matching number BB transmission. Bucket seats, a/c, original blue sport steering wheel, etc.This car is worth every dime of its $39,995 price! Contact us.


The Stage 1 R.O.I.

Record deficits. Taxes. Unemployment. Global warming. Consumer confidence. Wall Street. Terrorisim. China. Housing turmoil. These are just some of the many headlines in any newspaper or on-line stories every day. With all that is going on around us, how are we to know what to do with our financial decisions? Many, many people are clue-less or just plain afraid to make any decisions and I do have to admit that any big decision should not be taken lightly.

In the collector car market, as a general rule of thumb, prices here have taken a hit as well. Average cars that used to bring 50-60K are now trading for half that, and in some cases less. Much higher end cars too have taken a hit, which mean even bigger losses for those who bought when prices were high. However, the upper end cars are still trading hands and prices are strong. The key to good return on investment is to buy the highest horsepower versions. In other words, buy a Hemi-car instead of a 440. Buy the LS6 Chevelle instead of the LS5. In the Buick community, buy the Stage 1 instead of the GS350. Notice I said “return on investment”. These are not cars that you would drive every day.Unfortunately, these cars are to be frame-off restored, stored in climate control and be rarely driven. Not much fun, but neither is having money in the stock market. At least in the collector car market, you can go out to the garage and touch your investment. Are you sure you can do that with your stock market investment tomorrow? It may not be there.

This, I think, is why money seems to again be flowing into collector cars. Usually when the markets are in a downturn or in turmoil, collector car values go up. This is happening again. I always remember reading an article years and years ago that lamented the fact that when the stock market went on sale, people ran away, and when it was red-hot and over-priced, people were jumping in.( Just like those who bought their cars when the market was red-hot.) Don’t make that mistake! Right now, collector cars are on sale and they are starting their upward edging again.

With that in mind, take a look at some of our offerings. We have many hi-end cars that we feel have bottomed in value and heading back up, and also some good solid muscle-cars that you can actually take out and have FUN with and still feel secure that your investment is not only a good value but that you can also enjoy. A muscle-Buick as most of you know, is very rare, very fast, and very luxury-oriented. You can not do any better. Buy one. It is later than you think.


Without A Taste of Geritol

The following article is from the January 1970 issue of Motor Trend magazine featuring the Buick GS Stage 1.  We’ve tried to make this as readable as possible while at the same time keeping the filesize down to a managable level.

From Buick With Balls

Here’s a very informative and rather humorous article from Cars Illustrated of the 1987 Buick Regal T-Type.  Again we’ve had to weigh quality with filesize.  Hope this isn’t too hard for some of you to read.